“My Voice” a reality TV Show To Motivate Ghanaians

Alpha9 Studios producers of the ‘’SHOUTOUT SHOW’’ an entertainment series which aired on TV XYZ and was hosted by Joana Cole of YOLO fame are out again with a motivational reality show dubbed ‘’MY VOICE’’.

‘’MY VOICE’’ is a reality TV show which is aimed at motivating viewers by listening to stories from regular everyday people from the street. The team of Alpha9 studios work tirelessly to get real life stories from people of all walks of life; Market women, Drivers, Street hawkers, truck pushers, entrepreneurs and so on.

In an interview with CEO of Alpha9 studios Mr. Caleb Pappoe, the inspiration for the show was conceived from his interaction with some shop owners and street vendors.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing — that’s why we recommend it daily.” It is in this light that we came out with ’’MY VOICE’’ reality show to motivate and encourage Ghanaians particularly the youth’’, Mr. Caleb said.

He further added that we mostly see top notch CEO’S being heralded as national heroes on both print and online publications. We however fail to recognize the input of small scale industries and even micro businesses across the country.

Research by several reliable sources such as business and financial times reveal that 70% of our country’s GDP comes from these “informal entrepreneurs”. It’s therefore a step in the right direction to encourage them to keep forging on.

“MY VOICE” aims to bring to light the daily hurdles they have to overcome as well as their successes chalked.

The show will soon be aired on TV stations across the nation. Viewers can also get access to weekly episodes of the show on alpha9 TV on YouTube and The Shoutout show on Facebook.

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