Written by Abdul-Rahman Musah

It is always stressing when mothers go through labour and realised that their ward is having an anomaly. This usually compel them to go through a lot of hustle and tussle just to make sure that the anomaly of their new born child gets rectified. This has been the current situation of a family whose child was born with an imperforated anus / anorectal malfunction.

Imperforated anus or anorectal malfunction is an anomaly of which the colon remains close to the skin. In this case, there may be a narrowing of anus or the anus may be missing altogether with rectum ending in a blind pouch. Breaking it into simpler term, it means a baby born without an anus.

Speaking to Kofi Kyei Baffour, the host of “EBAA NE SEN” on Barima TV, the father of the child recounted that after the mother delivered under surgical operation it came in full glare to them that their child was born without an anus. Also upon critical analysis, they got to know that the child has no knee cap and it has prevented the child from bending it’s knee. As if this isn’t enough, the child was also born with lips and eyes not in order. A doctor at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital after accessing the anomalies demanded an amount of GHC8,000 to rectify the problem. He again added that, the child needs five different surgical operations. Due to financial constraint, the parent couldn’t raise the said amount for the operation to be carried on so all the doctor could do was to create a hole at the left rib to enable the child to defecate in her ribs region.

This happenings has over the years become a burden stinging the family with sleepless night all because they need GHC8,000 to carry the surgical operation. Barima TV hereby put this to the general public to help support the family to get the operation done as soon as possible for the child to also have a sigh of relief as well as the family.

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