Deborah Vannessa a.k.a Sister Debby Has strongly Denied Dating A 21year old Footballer As Being Speculated In The Media

The “Uncle Obama and kakalika love” hit maker Deborah Vannessa popularly known as Sister Debby has denied the rumours circulating all-over the media saying that she is now dating a 21year old Belgian footballer after her heart was broken by rapper Medikal.

News went viral this week that the ex-sugar mummy of rapper Medikal is now in a relationship with another young man who is even younger than Medikal,Which she denies and strongly warns the media to stop propagating as it’s false news.

The report was published with a “supposed” chat between Deborah and her supposed lover on some news outlets in Ghana but it is not clear who leaked those chats.

In the chat that leaked online, Deborah was calling on the 21-year-old man to come because she needs him.

But reacting to the viral story, Sister Deborah in a tweet asked that forget those fake stories because she was happy in her previous relationship but for now she is currently enjoying her single life

She tweeted:

“Because I’m not talking, amateur blogs are creating false news about me. Let me make this clear, I’m all for the truth. I was happy in my previous relationship, but I am very happy now being single. Let me enjoy pls”.

Story by; Dennis Mensah