Cecilia Marfo Cheats On Her Husband-Associate Pastor Alleges

Gideon, a man claiming to be an associate pastor of Rev. Cecilia Marfo the gospel musician and founder of Cecilia Marfo Prayer Centre aka Tsoo Boyee has alleged that Cecilia Marfo does not have the spirit of God in her. She is a hypocrite and a cheat.

According to Gideon, even before Cecilia Marfo went to Kumasi for her prayer conference where she ended up slapping Brother Sammy and accused him of indulging in Juju, she cheated on her husband

“You cheated on your husband a month before you went to do your program at Kumasi where your so-called spirit of the Lord entered in you and forced you to slap Brother Sammy and accused him of using satanic powers…”, Gideon said in audio which is fast going viral.

This same person also claimed that Cecilia Marfo has confessed to him that she does not have the spirit of God in her and neither she nor her husband, Kofi clement fear God.

“Cecilia Marfo is a hypocrite, who doesn’t practice what she preaches and also you are using God’s name to do bad things. You told me that you don’t have the spirit of God in you, neither you nor your husband fear God,” Gideon stated in the audio.

Among other things, this associate pastor alleged Cecilia Marfo is a witch and self-seeking woman of God who is using God’s name in vain.

In 2018, Cecilia Marfo during Tsoo Boyee conference in Kumasi snatched a neckless from Brother Sammy’s neck, slapped him and warned him to desist from indulging in Juju.

Brother Sammy was mocked and accused by many of indulging in Juju despite being a gospel musician after that event. Brother Sammy denied and has been attacking Cecilia Marfo ever since.