Thanks to social media, Ghana enjoys summer every year from June through to August. The time comes with schools out of session and a lot of fun and therefore is only right we pick a few inspiration from here and there. However, something peculiar happens each year. This has been happening for the past 6 years and for each year, thousands of Ghanaians make their way to a beachfront house at Kokrobite where they jam from midday till late in the night.

This experience dubbed ‘Tidal Rave’ has consistently been a fun avenue for the young crowd looking for a place to meet friends, dance, have fun and imagine themselves at Ibiza (if it makes a better reference) and the young at heart, a place to blow some steam and hang out with old school mates while making acquaintances who fast become friends.

In its 6th year, the event organized by EchoHouse has redefined beach parties and changed how vacation parties are supposed to be. As the Guardian’s Afua Hirsch got from an interview with Supafly (British-Ghanaian singer) 4 years ago, “We are trying to recreate the good things about going to Ibiza, the music and the vibes.” The party has grown into an experience that has found a way to give exciting experiences that people all over the world tell as exhilarating tales.

Tidal Rave has over the years, offered not only fun but an experience that gets inked in one’s heart and it gets better this July with its ‘Live Out Ur Dreams’ theme. Event organizers who made a statement when they started, “DON’T DARE TO MISS THE FOURTH” plan on creating a platform for ravers to live out their wildest dreams while cruising from the Accra Mall to the venue and jamming to the best of music from DJ Vyrusky and a host of other artistes and DJs.

To the ones who have been waiting to cross an unforgettable road trip, beach party and a concert off their bucket list, be super excited, because the wait is over now. To the ones who have been dreaming of an experience of a lifetime, 29th July, will be the day the Echo party fairy appears in real life to make your dreams come through.