The Young Circle – Where Corruption Begins and Ends

The Young Circle – Where Corruption Begins And Ends.

In the young circle
Exists a bizarre miracle
That’s clouded in a husk
None better than a mask

The amount of pressure
None can measure
As the pile of fear
Projects in the peer

Featured by the desire to belong
Like the heart for long
Is the power of their e-motion
But for energy in motion

The window of their eye is locked
And the mind hooked
On how to get richer
At the expense of the poorer

In the young circle,
Operates a bizarre miracle
Propelling one to be corrupt
And inherit through human exploit

The urge to cheat
And chew the forbidden meat
At others heat
Was birthed by corruption

To thee beckons;
The voice of uprightness
To cast away the spirit
Of evil merit

Cast up thy gaze
And view the maze
Of that which is wrong
Corruption is wrong

In the young circle,
Where it birthed,
It can be Terminated!!

Most of us are conversant with the popular adage which says, “Charity begins at home” but we forget to ask what else is given birth to from home aside “charity”. The most common friend who is also an enemy to us is corruption. As a result, I have the power to say that corruption begins at home as well.

At its early stages, it presents itself as a friend and as human as we are, we are quick to ignore its dangers until it gets to the enemy stage when its seed can no longer stop bearing fruits.
One may wonder how on earth corruption starts as home but permit me to ask you if you have ever given your little child a bar of chocolate to coax them to do their homework. Now you’re thinking hard right?  It started then, when we had no idea its accepted name was ” Corruption.” There are other instances by which it started as well.

The world has suffered a huge loss due to corrupt leaders because we all failed to notice that this friend was an evil one but now that we have come to know its dangerous ways, we seek measures to escape from its hug forgetting that the only way to kill it is to destroy its seed before it grows into a fruit and that means it can be killed right where it all started, the home. We are tired of succumbing to the ways of corruption and being its slaves. Its time we show it who gives the order. Let’s kill it before it matures.

Ivy E.M Agbozo
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