The Pride Of Society – Ivy Writes

Pride The Society
The Akpese community, a suburb of Somanya, can be likened to any other society in our dearest Country where moral decadence is the song on the lip of every teenager and youth whilst teenage pregnancy alongside other havocs is the common dance which best suits this popular song.

The level of moral decadence in our societies today is on the rise and is equally disturbing as well. It is only fair to say that society nowadays breeds social misfits such as thieves, ritualists,murderers, prostitutes and what have you?


With the passing of day, the number of pregnancies recorded among teenagers in our society is comparable to the number of fishes dancing in a sea.

Where are the days of old when society held it head up high? Where are the days when young people were thirsty to be excellent and successful? Where are the times when young people maintained a pinnacle of pride and respect for themselves and others?

The call is here now! Society needs to get back on its feet and wake from the long slumber it’s taken for its children are getting lost in its chaotic belly.

It is time for parents to realise the role they play in shaping their wards for a better society and play that role to the maximum; unless of course, they find the rampant growth of thieves, young mothers, armed robbers and the likes to be a necessity for the society.

The time to wake fully and toil to see to the restoration of the lost identity of society is now, before dusk approaches!

By:Ivy E. M. Agbozo
Blogger and Marketer