Stand Up And Walk Foundation


STAND UP AND WALK FOUNDATION is a Non Governmental Organization  founded by Maame Abena Darkwah,  a young Ghanaian woman who believes in the potentials of the new generation.

She founded the NGO out of her own experience in life with the aim to MOTIVATE AMD GUIDE THE YOUTH TO REACH THEIR HIGHEST POTENTIAL.

According to the founder of the “Stand Up And Walk Foundation” her inspiration for the name of the NGO emanated from the Holy Scriptures; Acts 3:1 – 11 where a lame man was able to walk when he asks Peter and John for alms and they ordered him to walk in the name of Christ.

She believes that no matter the situation any young person finds him or herself in, whether financial, drugs or any social vices, they can still stand up and walk from them. All they have to do is to persevere, believe and never give up on their dreams.


The Foundation has a lot of goals and objectives it wishes to achieve within the shortest possible time, meanwhile some of the dominating objectives include;

1. Instilling discipline among the youth.
2. Rendering of career guidance services to the youth
3. Educating the youth on health, social, economic, religious and moral issues to ensure national development.
4. Generally guide and mentor the youth in taking life decisions.

Stand Up And Walk Foundation mission statement is to impact, educate and improve lives to make this world a better place.

The  action plans include visiting schools, institutions and communities with resource persons who give talks on issues like drug abuse, pre marital sex, peer pressure and other pertinent topics and the effects it can have on their lives. The Foundation give motivational speeches to inspire and encourage the young ones to cling to their dreams and aspirations to look up to nothing but a bright future that awaits them.


As part of the Foundation’s goals to motivate and guide the youth to reach their highest potential, it also has sponsorship packages for students who have dropped out of school for one or two reasons and are seeking to learn a vocation like dress making, welding, hairdressing and carpentary.

At Stand Up And Walk Foundation, they believe that the youth are the future leaders and if there will be any better future then there must be better youth today who are empowered to live their potentials.

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