Solution To Unemployment In Ghana

“The Solution to Unemployment in Ghana”

Unemployment has being a big problem to Ghana and the world at large. It all started in the 18th century when the british economy went on booms and slums(recession).
That was when the world started experiencing unemployment.
On the 13th of November,1887, the British working industry started downsizing. It did spread across other continents as the years went by. In Ghana, unemployment became severe in the early 2000s. It has worsen as the country grows. This canker has given birth to all kinds of social vices. Thus,the robbery,killings, and the likes.

One might ask, what are the causes of unemployment in Ghana?
They are;
*Bad educational systems
*Poor planning of the individual and the country at large.
*Following the “rat race” phenomenon.

We live in a country here our educational system only teaches us on how to write exams and pass and that’s it! Therefore, after school the individual become stranded when no company employs him or her.
Again, the person and the country at large doesn’t plan. There is a saying that goes; “if you fail to plan,you plan to fail”. From our infancy, we are nurtured to do anything our hearts bleeds for but planning it the least thing we think of. We simply don’t plan for how we want our working life to be. Hence, we walk to and fro searching for jobs which most of the time we fail to get one.
Following the “rat race” phenomenon where you are born, go to school,graduate and hunt for jobs.
Imagine 1,000s of people running to go grab a plat of rice,what will happen? Stampeding!

Now the solution.
The best solution to unemployment in Ghana and the world at large is; Entrepreneurship! Setting up your own business.
In this case, you will not be going looking for money but money will be looking for you.
Because, people will be coming to you for the products and services you provide. And they will pay you before the get those products and services.

Again, the question is where do I get the money to setup my own business?

In our life,there is a part of it where money comes to us frequently where we don’t notice and not value it as well.
It is our schooling days. Especially, the secondary and tertiary level. About 90% of people at that level are cater for by their parents or a
sponsor. It is a stage that you don’t basically have much or no responsibilities to cater for.
Hence,you can easily save money and by the time you are out of school,you will be having a very significant amount to start your own business. Again, you will not be going to investors,banks, friends or family for money to start your business.

Let’s sweep away unemployment by encouraging entrepreneurship.

#By pushing it through early saving.
#money is available at the secondary and tertiary level.
#Parents teach and encourage your children to save.
#Adults,is no too late to save.
#Save young!,reap when old!
#Save now!,reap tomorrow!

Am Nana Agyeman(Tamic I), a broadcaster,a writer,a speaker, a counsellor and an entrepreneur.

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