Satanism In Ghana Music Industry -Revealed

A martian who has just arrived on the planet earth will think celebrities gods and the fans being their worshippers. All over the world celebrities are idolized and pictured as super humans smeared with fame, money and power. The case is no different here in Ghana.


Having established that, most people dream and long  to be categorized as such due to the favours, fame and all the rossy benefits the so called stardom life comes with; resultantly, individuals will race the extreme mile to do whatever it takes to be celebrated and recognized.


My focus however, is the Ghana Music Industry regarding some evil activities of artists who wish to get to the top or avoid the fall from grace. Indeed, we hear their latest tracks banging in clubs, getting endorsements, living in those flashy cars, huge mansions, expensive outfits and what have you, but little do we know what really is behind the success of some of these artists.


“Celebrity is the chastisement of merit and the punishment of talent.”

By Emily Dickinson.

On the 21st of April 2016, one herbalist known as Ernest Nana Adu Boafo was on Pluzz 89.9 Fm morning show ‘AM Pluzz’ to give some shocking revelations regarding the involvement of spirituality in the Ghana Music Industry. According to him, the control of evil spirits and the involvement of many main stream musicians in occult and devilish dealings is very real.


He says some artists do travel to Benin and else where for spiritual incantations to support their music. Shockingly, some of the artists do not indulge in this for their own glory but rather to bring down their colleagues whom they see as a threat in the industry. Nana Adu explains having seen with his own eyes CD’s of some Ghanaian artists whom am about to tell you their names, buried with a blood of vulture in order to prevent them from shining.

Yaa Pono

Strong Man

Flow King Stone

Kwabena Asante (gospel artists)


According to herbalist Adu Boafo, the above mentioned artists’ CDs have been buried with vulture’s blood in Benin and elsewhere.

As if that is not enough, during the show, an artist known as ‘Authentic’ phoned in and confirmed the man’s claim by giving his own  encounter. According to Authentic, 2 of his colleague artists who have gone to seek spiritual barking from a Malam, claim they saw musician Tinny’s picture at the place. Upon asking the Malam the use of the picture, the Malam answered by saying a fellow musician brought the picture in order to bring down Tinny.


All of that was to prove how Satan is using some of our artists for fame. Has this even got to do with the missing Castro? More questions will be thrown than answers.

This is what I believe;

Proverbs 18:6 says “a man’s gift will open doors for him and bring him before great men”


I strongly  believe that if God has given you the talent, no man under the sun can shutter it’s progress. The most important thing is for you to undergo proper training to polish and nurture your talents toppled with determination, hard work and enough focus. Having done these, the world will only await for your excelling in unceasing colours of glory.


Nevertheless, shame unto any artist who uses dubious spiritual means for his success, it is a Common knowledge that they will only fade away because the devil give and take but the Lord gives and never takes it back.


By Barimah Amoaning Samuel

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