Revealed – Why GH Boyz Hate Dating Virgins – So Real

  1. It is the dream of every young  Ghanaian boy to marry a well dignified virgin of virtue and high moral standards.   I don’t know whether the trend is altering or probably it’s  just the guys  that want to have the supposed real  fun in relationships.  Why am i saying this, well it seems  these days when young guys are outlining their preferences of the kind of ladies  they want to go out with, usually virgins do not make the cut. ENTAMOTY has embarked on a practical research through interrogation of the youth as to why they prefer hanging out with  spoiled brats to marriage materials.
  2. IT WILL TAKE FOREVER BEFORE A VIRGIN ACCEPTS YOUR PROPOSAL:  As a result of the proper up bringing of such girls with dignity, they have an unnecessary huge price tag on themselves, they will hardly give in to  any guy  who braves forward  to ask them out. Modern Ghanaian boys hate to waste time on a single lady whiles  they believe there are lots of damsels out  there ready tomingle.              index                                                                                                                                          
  3. UNLEASHING OF QUIRKY AND WEIRD BEHAVIOR OF MOST VIRGINS: Have you  ever heard of  the guy with  the patience of a male dog? Yikes  these are guys who will gracefully pass test 1 above to be in a relationship with a virgin after all those struggles. According to some GH guys  who are in a relationship with virgins, they claim their girlfriends sometimes act very quirkish,  shy and weird. Virgins usually have issues with everything that has got to do with touch in relationship. They feel highly uncomfortable for instance when you try passing your arms around their neck or cuddling in public. They usually don’t relate well with their boyfriends’ BFF mostly in the name of shyness. Some  guys go a long way to call them ”psycho” due to some of these  acts.
  4. IT WILL TAKE A COMMANDO TO ENTER THE PANTS OF A VIRGIN :                                            images I know most of you readers will make a fuss out of this reason and laugh it out, but seriously  speaking, it is an unequivocal facts about virgins. Pause  and ask a friend who once torn the hymen of how they did it. It is normal for virgins to behave like that in an attempt to sleep with them for the first time. ofcourse it is due to  the obvious reason  which is the fact that they are trying it  for the first time. Do you remember  your first time of sitting  behind the ‘okada’  that is the exact feeling for virgins. No wonder  you’re unlikely to ever meet anyone who tells you the best sex they ever had was the first time they had it. They will keep postponing and  giving  thousands of excuses as  to why they wont allow you to make out with  them. Virgins  cherish their virginity,  they feel it has been preserved well and  therefore shouldn’t be given it out to any guy on a  silver platter. As i stated earlier on, very few guys will have  such an enormity of patience around  such virgins, hence eventually calling it a quit.                             
  5. CONFIRMED- GH BOYS  ARE SCARED TO BREAK A VIRGIN :The primary reason that most Ghanaian guys disappear after learning you are a virgin is simple but often overlooked: these guys don’t want the responsibility of taking your virginity. Rightly or wrongly, guys assume that in proportion to how long you’ve remained a virgin, your experience losing it will be “a big deal,” and something that you want to do within the context of a serious relationship – even if you tell them otherwise. Guys aren’t afraid of or “weirded out” by GIRLS’ virginity; they are wary of the expectations that will accompany taking it from you. A female friend once told me, ‘if indeed she is a virgin, then please don’t break her, she will be all over you, you will regret doing this trust me’. This was an advice a lady friend offered me when i was going out  with a virgin, lol don’t ask me whether i did it or not, she is reading this post.
  6. Barimah Entamoty, i am not a feminist yet i truly respect and adore young ladies  who have come a long way keeping their vaginal holy sanctuary. Bear in mind that any guy who flees from any virgin for the mere truth that they are virgins are just in for sex but nothing else do not give in  to such guys. Let me share with you   what Andrews posted on his blog in the post  WHAT MEN THINK ABOUT YOUR VIRGINITY, he  concludes  ”
    men who disappear after learning you are a virgin wouldn’t have stuck around in the long run anyway, and they certainly don’t disappear because they are lazy or feel awkward about your inexperience. They are simply unwilling to deal with the moral hangover or relationship pressure of taking you through such an “important” event in your life, then walking away afterwards. And they will avoid doing so even if it means foregoing easy or guaranteed-STD-free sex. So if a guy disappears on you after you tell him about your virginity, don’t feel the need go and to lose it at the next opportunity; just be glad you dodged a bullet.”

    Smiling young black couple
    Smiling young black couple