Social media went agog last week when it was awashed with Rashida Black Beauty’s nude video. It roped people in, especially some of the female celebrities who spewed their displeasure concerning how such video is a shame to womanhood.

The nude was like every nude but what made it the talk of the day and trending was the houseflies which were spotted singing Ras kuuku’s popular nwansina(housefly) song which  greeted viewers with the chorus of the song hooorrr hooorrr hooorrr on her private part.

The video got everybody talking and it generated jokes from all aspect especially from DKB, Ghana’s number one finest joker. As Ghanaians were enjoying the jokes, Rashida Black Beauty released another video which its content were insults and profane words which generated anger to every viewer. She also defended herself in the video but unfortunately for her Archipelago, another joker put her in her place by generating another joke to shut her up.

The host of Class FM’s entamotyliveshow, ChiefBlogger on his youth show contacted Ghana’s most controversial counsellor, Counsellor Lutterodt to get his views pertaining to the leak. This is what he said…Check below.