R13 — A Campus Base Drama TV Series On Gh One TV

R13 is a campus based drama tv series stables for the Ghana Media School, popularly known as Gh Media, which is aired on Gh One Tv this and every wednesday. R13 is directed by Maxmore Adebayo Bakare

Just like any campus based series, R13 is generally designed for all people from different walks of life even though mostly delegated for persons in the Tertiary Institutions based on happenings yet they are link between the youth and the world in terms of decision making yet regarding terms of choice, preference etc.

R13 aids in impacting on the lives of the youth as to how they should lead their lives positively. This campus based tv series aims to brings all kinds of people especially the youth around their television set and also exposes or shows its audience the kinds of persons in the Tertiary and how they relate actively with other people , school events, outside school activities. Parents and adults also fall within our viewership bracket.

R13 tells a story revolving on a girl called Gwen Banks, she is in the tertiary were she turns to meet different race of people. She comes with a pretention of coming from a rich family where she intends to acquire or get anything she wants at all means without considering whatever the circumstance may be.

It’s a lot of fun and more lessons to learned as you watch Gwen Banks background being discovered and also serving as a threat to her.

ROOM 13 one of the most trending campus drama series on Tv. You can’t miss the fun and excitement for anything. Tune in this and every wednesdat 5:30pm on Ghone tv

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