Miss Communicator: 5 Things To Know About The 1st Runner Up Brenda McSaawa

​She’s eloquent, sleek and stylish — she’s Miss Communicator 2017, 1st runner up! Huge congratulations are in order for Brenda McSaawa, who blew us away with her poise, elegance, intelligence — and who could forget that pretty face of hers! Here’s everything you need to know about Brenda McSaawa!

1. She’s the 1st Runner Up for Miss Communicator 2017  — duh!!!

Brenda McSaawa , was named the 1st runner up of Miss Communicator 2017 on April 22 and all is right in the world of GIJ again. The competition wasn’t easy, but Brenda managed to right her way through the evening wear and question round. In the end, Brenda took out 12 other gorgeous ladies in the pageant and earned herself that dazzling crown !

2. She’s eloquent, sleek n stylish

The 1st runner up for Miss Communicator 2017, Brenda McSaawa is very effective in expressing herself by speech. The sound of her voice will keep you listening attentively. She’s not a harsh person, so cool, friendly and very attractive.

3. She’s half dagaati half Ga 

Brenda McSaawa, is half dagaati and half Ga. Come on, we all thought she’s not a citizen of Ghana, but trust me she’s a Ghanaian.

4. She was Miss university practice, back at SHS

Miss Communicator’s 1st runner up, Brenda was the Miss Cognitive 2012 of University Practice during her high school times. Brenda has really mastered the game and deserved all the crowns cause you can see determination if you into look into her eyes. University Practice Senior High was the name of the SHS she attended and we are not surprised Brenda was crowned there.

5. She’s a powerful singer as well

This is intriguing, very fascinating and absolutely stimulating that Brenda McSaawa is such a powerful singer, I mean Cece winans type. We never knew this, she very good, full of stuff that inspire and motivate us. She’s so energized each and every time which always keep her in the go.

How excited are you that Brenda McSaawa won? Were you rooting for her the whole time? Let us know.

By Bendre Thompson and Felix Asante