Market Express Launch

  Online grocery supermarket launches with massive discounts and a vision to rid Accra of plastics and keep kids safe online.

Imagine doing your monthly grocery shopping while relaxing at a pool side, sitting in the waiting room of a bank, or fixing your hair in the salon. This is reality for the customers of, Accra’s online grocery supermarket which launched on 1st August, 2016.

The company enables busy homemakers in Accra to purchase groceries online on at an unbeatable price and have them delivered to their office or home the same day or next day.

“Our goal is not simply to sell groceries but to help busy families free up time to spend on the things that matter most; family, friends, faith and community.” said founder and CEO, Ebenezer Lartey, who left a job in corporate banking to launch this venture “To do this we have a unique membership based model. Customers pay a small membership fee that entitles them to discounts on products , free deliveries and access to member-only items like fresh produce and items on-sale. Members can save shopping lists on the website, set up recurring orders and track their expenditure on groceries. People who don’t want to be members can still shop but need to pay a delivery charge.”

So how does online grocery shopping work?
A helpful video on the website, explains the whole process in detail, in summary

1. Go to
2. Join the exclusive Market Express club for free deliveries and special discounts
3. Search for the items you want to purchase, click on “buy now” to add them to your shopping cart, then click on the cart to check out.
4. Pay online by card or mobile money or pay by cash, when your items are delivered.
5. Market Express will call and deliver to you the same day or the next-day

To celebrate its launch Market Express is offering massive discounts and giveaways for August and September including; one free delivery to potential customers who want to try out its service, a 2% discount on one order for customers who like their facebook page and/or follow their twitter page. And a “win free deliveries to your office” promo where Customers who get 5 people at their office to sign up for membership get free delivery to that office for a three months.
The company has also adopted as part of its corporate social responsibility, two key initiatives, reducing usage of plastics in Accra and helping parents ensure that their children are safe online. Instead of plastic packaging, the company uses beautiful reusable shopping bags and paper bags.
“The city of Accra is being overrun by plastics, they are poisoning the ground, choking our drains leading to floods, filling our oceans and killing precious marine life. emphasized Lartey, “We believe that individual companies and citizens can take small steps that together make a difference. Having our customers use re-usable shopping bags and paper instead of plastic when they shop is one small step that can make a big difference.
As more and more children use their parents phones and tablets to get online, Market Express has resources for parents to help keep their children safe from inappropriate materials and dangerous people online. The company runs child online safety workshops for corporations, churches and other organised groups. These groups can request a seminar on the company website.

About Market Express
Market Express is Accra’s online grocery supermarket. We enable busy homemakers in Accra to purchase groceries at an unbeatable price and have them delivered to their office or home. Launched in 2016 we are fast becoming the preferred choice for online grocery shopping.
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