​The use of make up by women predominantly has been trending in Ghana for the past decades. In fact, it seems that women now cannot do without make up being it going to school, work, church, social events, some female celebrities even confess to sleeping with make up on just to look presentable at all times even at dawn, surprising I suppose. The need for makeup is no new discovery and as such females irrespective of their age apply makeup on their faces no matter where they go, usually on a daily basis. 

The world’s first cosmetics were produced by Egyptians who used materials such as copper and lead ore. In ancient times purely natural materials were used from fruits to vegetables you name them. Over the centuries, women have been using burnt matches to darken the space beneath their eye, berries to stain their lips and urine of young boys to hide their freckles, extreme I guess but all these were done in the bid to have an alluring appearance. Many women especially young ones put themselves at risk in trying to improve their complexion. Some drank blood, others used lead mercury and even leeches to make their skins pale. 

Cosmetics were mainly created to enhance appearance of women and since then the tradition has lived on but amazingly in the 21st century the use of makeup has taken an aggressive form. Everyone is using make up ranging from to young girls, some male models, and women in majority. 

Young ladies in most institutions also feel the need to make up their faces which is not much of a problem, of course every lady must look good but how the makeup is applied calls for concern. 

Having observed them for some days now, I realized that not all the ladies wear makeup but majority of them do and it is done so excessively to resemble that of a bride on her wedding day. The most alarming issue concerning this is the hours spent just to make up the face I find it quite alarming. 

However, some end up making mockery of themselves due to the relatively bad make up. Most student ladies walk into school with so much confidence feeling good about themselves due to make up and that is a good thing but dwelling on that alone is not advisable.  

This trend is so overpowering that new students who do not have the slightest interest in applying make have joined the terrain. In fact, to some make up ladies, those who do not use it are not refined ladies, as they appear raw with their natural face. And to think that makeup is the only thing that makes them feel beautiful is a worry. 

Although make up has its merits such as boosting confidence, enhancing beauty and hiding ugly scars the consistent use of it also has its adverse effects. The continuous use of excessive make up unfortunately has harmful effects with are not just related to skin problems but a variety of health issues. 

Lipsticks, kajal sticks and eye shadows for example contain lead, a coranogen and neurotoxin that can affect the nervous system adversely leading to high blood pressure, allergies and a wide range of diseases. And its bad effects would definitely be costly so why choose that? Make up is good but I’m just saying we have got to use it wisely. 
By Muna