Letter to Every Tertiary Student. [Must Read]



This write up is to encourage all young people I have come in contact with to engage in other productive activities whiles in the university. 

As students, we all have one common fear and that is the fear of the future. We are in various tertiary institutions pursuing one degree or the other. We all have different passions and potentials that we are failing to pursue alongside school. Sorry to burst your bubble but the fact is there are no jobs for degree holders. Put that at the back of your mind. 

NO JOBS !! ❌❌⭕

Some nights ago, I had just closed from work and decided to pass through circle. Then I fell in love with the smiles of a pure water and soft drinks vendor. I was forced to buy sachet water from him then he stricken a conversation.  I was very impressed with the fluent English he spoke and his mannerism. Then I used it as an opportunity to interview him.

His name is prince and he’s 24 years of age, a 2nd class upper political science graduate of the university of Ghana.  According to him, he finished school in 2013 and has since then being at home searching for jobs. Sending CVs from one company to the other. All to no avail.

Let me make this clear to you all having the mind to search for jobs after school. Your CVs will be used for decor in the dust bin if you don’t have connections or you are were not born with a silver spoon. 

So young Prince has started his future by selling on the street and his regret was if only head started a small scale business whilst in school. 

Some people feel shy of their colleagues to actually think of selling stuff in class, let alone selling stuff from one hostel to the other.  But let me tell you, if you are ashamed to make money now,  be ready to face the shame of joblessness after you graduate.  It’s one thing to graduate with a good degree, it’s something else to make money during and after school . Do not forget that the main aim of coming to school is cos we believe education is the key to success.  That is not the case in our present situation.  I know first class students who have been home for years and end up washing plates in restaurants.  You will not know the struggle until your parents start ageing and you have to fend for yourself.  So why not start now!!! 

Start that small business today. If you do not know what to start with, seek for help from role models and elderly people. 

Let us work hard now for a better future tomorrow. 

 Thanks for reading. 

Deby Bright Poto