Lark Foundation Donates to Signivic Science Academy 

Lark Foundation Donates to Signovic Science Academy
On Friday, February 24, 2017, the founder and CEO of Lark Foundation, Madam Larkuor Adartey, a charity organization in Dodowa, in the Shai Osudoku Distict, in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, with an entourage made a donation of stationeries comprising of packs of exercise books, packs of biscuits,   Pencils, Erasers, Pens and White board writers to Signovic Science Academy also in Dodowa. 
According to the CEO, the organization has a great vision of empowering the youth and young once through education, Health sectors by making needed donations, organizing training and capacity building, and the creation of job opportunities for the youth. Again Signovic Science Academy is the fourth school on the educational project list of the organization. 

The Principal of Signovic Science Academy, Mr. Zigi Reginald Mawuli, said “on behalf of the management of the school and the school body they are highly grateful. Since this is the first organization to have visited us, so we hope that the real relationship between the two institutions begins today and will get stronger by the days ahead.”
“Our hope is to see all kids have the best of upbringing in our communities so will have the best of organizational relationship” Madam Larkuor Adjatey.