High School Excellence Awards 2016

HIGH SCHOOL EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2016(HISEA) is a program designated to reward and strengthen the necks of Senior high school students and teachers in Ghana. Various talents are to be explored since HISEA is here to bring together students and teachers from various Senior high schools across Ghana, not to mention the impacts these students and teachers can make in their localities and the country as a whole.

Studicop network presents HIGH SCHOOL EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2016. studicop is a media platform which connects students and consumers to corporate products and services through entertainment, career guidance, market advertising, mentoring and creating awareness among the youth.

The CEO of Studicop Network Duke Kwamena Bray stated that “due to the vision of company, it has become necessary to bring up an award scheme dabbed HIGH SCHOOL EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2016.  This award is aimed to inspire, motivate, reward and empower both students and teachers in various Senior high schools in Ghana. The focal point of this award scheme is based on the positive impact of the students, teachers and the schools at large towards sustainable development in the community, society and the country at large”.

The theme of this year’s HIGH SCHOOL EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2016 is “Empowering, creativity and entertainment”.

All participants are entreated to pick up nomination forms at www.highschoolgh.com to download, fill and submit it to studicopnetwork @gmail.com, also 0201950205/0262213213 can be contacted for hard copies of the nomination forms. There are various categories which participants can win from.

The most exciting and mouth watering aspect of the award scheme is that the winner will be entitled to Award Plague, Certificate and special package from sponsors and media partners. The winning students will be trained and be assisted in their tv programs and other projects by the media partners of the 2016 HIGH SCHOOL EXCELLENCE AWARDS in the various categories they win.

Studicop Network has taken step to unveil the hidden talents in young folks in Senior high schools in Ghana. Also it is in their interest to encourage and motivate teachers and students to do the best to shape the image of Senior high schools in Ghana positively.

All Senior high school students and teachers are encouraged to rush for nomination forms to partake in the 2016 HIGH SCHOOL EXCELLENCE AWARDS. All Senior high schools are called upon to use this platform to prove to the whole Ghana and the world that when it comes to best senior high schools in Ghana, your school is the best. Rep your school now at HISEA 2016 if you think you’ve got what it takes to be the outstanding Senior high school in Ghana.


By Ruth Osei