One of the finest stylist Ghana has ever produced is Prince Nana Amoaning, also known as Fashionboigh. He is a Fashion  Icon, Stylist, Fashionista, Freelance Model Agent as well as the CEO of his own fashion line Fashionboi Luxury.   The fashion industry in Ghana is gradually on the rise, hence the high demand for talented and artistic stylists like Fashionboigh.

Having thrived in the industry for 4 years, the main focus of fashionboigh is celebrity styling. Over the years, he has garnered lots of experience and expertise by working with high profile celebrities such as Jason Ela of Ghone TV, Lax from Nigeria, Edem, Lil Shaker, Kapasta, Miss Vee, Barimah Entamoty and many other big players both in the entertainment and coperate quadrant.

Fashionboigh is a down to earth care free gentleman who has grown an undisputed love for fashion. One of the things he can never expunge from his daily routine is taking photos on the go which is ostensibly for pleasure but really to also update his huge followers to abreast them with new developments in the World of Fashion.
Do you need a personal stylist(Take care of you from head to down) outfits for entertainment and formal events, clothes for picture or runway modelling, outfits for Music videos, Presenting, movie Shoots etc. Contact Fashionboigh through the following;

Instagram : @fashionboigh  @fashionboi_luxury
FB: Prince Amoaning 
Snap: Fashionboigh
Contact: +233541080999 / +233209400974

Feel free to explore the Gallery  below;

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