The automobile industry in Ghana is one of the fastest growing manufacturing sectors in the country. The automotive industry with over 1.5 million circulating vehicles is still totally under developed. Each year the country is importing over 100,000 pre-owned vehicles from USA, Middle East and other African countries while the new vehicle market stands below the 10,000 units. This makes it imperative to have Modern auto mechanic industries for best of relentless services to the growing consumers. In this light we introduce to You ELSEANA  AUTO FIX. 

ELSEANA  Auto Fix is an Auto mechanic Firm that seeks to hit the continent with the best of Services to all type of Auto mobiles.

We all atest to the fact that the world now is full of mostly complicated machinery and all Sophisticated Automobilea that needs extensive servicing and maintenance when it gets fault or any deformity and this is what Elseana Auto Fix is here to do.

Services to be rendered include;

•General Car maintenance 

•Vehicle Diagnostic

•Tyre Changing


•Brake and Oil


•Headlights setting


•Suspension and Greacing etc

The Auto Mobile servicing firm is Almost at its Peak to be Opened and its happening on the 10th of March 2018 and this Grand opening and Cutting of Sod will take place at Flower Pot opposite Oak Plaza Hotel,Spintex Road,Accra

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