​It is funny how we see the youths of today doing everything possible just to be seen as a wealthy persons in the society. I do not know where the quest for fast money, regardless of the source came from and where it is heading to. The youths of today have lost their values as young people  something our fore fathers possessed that made them successful in their time. The main reasons people will do all sort of things for fast money especially in the African community is because they want to command respect from the public,. As the saying goes, money is power.  In a very typical African community,  people go to the extreme to look good just to command respect and intimidated others. 

In our churches,  there are people who come to church, with the sole aim of dressing to impress. They dress in expensive clothing’s, whereas some cannot even provide for their family,  some are students who still wait for their parents to pay for every of their bills, some are even employees earning very little wages. 

The point is we waste too much money on our appearance that we forget  how to invest in useful skills that can increase individual productivity in the community.  Take a look at world top billionaires,  a typical example is Mark Zuckerberg,  the CEO of Facebook and other large companies.  Mark is mostly seen in a simple outfits, most often than not, having the same colour and design.  If A young man as rich as he is can dress that simply, how much more broke people like us who do not even have a penny as savings.

Welcome to our universities where you see students spending lots of the money given to them by their parents to buy the latest of everything.. phones, foot wears, clothes and bags. and at the end of their years at the university,  they end up staying at home for months which turn into years, at the end of the day,  most end up as teachers in primary schools earning as low as GHC 200 per month. I am not saying do not dress well.. All I am saying is do not base your dressing to impress or to intimidated at the expense of going broke. 

Use your university days to save for the future. Invest in your future now and enjoy the benefits later. 

Thank you.

Deby Bight Poto

Ghana institute of journalism