Entamoty Media’s Digital Training Ghana releases date for commencement of  Kumasi Training. The Training which is geared towards equipping young Ghanaians to learn digital Marketing  skills in this digitally appealing world has had its first cohort in Accra with an already intriguing success stories of participants; in April this year, ENTAMOTY Media will raid Kumasi for the second Cohort of the Digital Training in Kumasi. The training will be a 3 days Crush course ranging from Modules such as fundamentals of blogging, Professiknal social media pages Manager, Email Marketing, Google AdWords, Youtube Monetization, sms Marketing. The training will take place in early April and will happen at UCOM, Tech, Peduase.

For many Ghanaians Digital Marketing might seem like a new and a sophisticated tech venture. 

 A notion which is obviously far from the truth, the world is moving fast and the digital evolution is catching up with us quickly. There is therefore the need for us to accelerate our digital growth to remain globally competitive.

Digital Marketing, just as the name sounds, is the marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach consumers. The key objective is to promote brands through various forms of digital media. Others however believe Digital marketing extends beyond internet marketing to include channels that do not require the use of internet.

Currently we have over 7.9 million active internet users in Ghana, the figures increase daily, as the nation keeps expanding internet accessibility to more areas; clearly this is a huge opportunity for brands and companies who wish to create online presence and Digital leads. 


Amidst the emergence of digital technologies and their accelerating impact across society, Entamoty Media in collaboration with UAE African Mentoring Consortium presents the first of its kind the ‘DIGITAL TRAINING GHANA’ which is going to be the hub for training certified and professional digital marketers with in depth knowledge and intensive practical hands on exposure fit for the job market.


Digital Training Ghana is the only Digital Marketing Training program where you get in depth Knowledge of all Modules of digital Marketing with Practical hands on Exposure. You Learn from the digital Marketing industry players on up to date developments in online advertising and Digital Dealings. To participate in any of the training near your Region please Follow @Digital Training Ghana and @entamoty on social media reach the Organizer via email or WhatsApp messenger +233570570892 . 

According to CEO of ENTAMOTY media Barimah Amoaning Samuel, after Kumasi, the next training will be at Takoradi where most people have reached out to them already.  According to Barimah, Digital Marketing can minimize the rate of youth unemployment in Ghana if taken seriously. 
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