Digital Marketing- How to reach Millions Through Facebook Groups 

​Hello guys! Chief Blogger here ..

Hope you are experiencing the best of your blogging and  social media vicissitudes. Today I want to run you through how you can generate traffic from Facebook by reaching millions of active  users.
As great technological process has been made especially on the patronage of the internet, currently out of the 8million users of internet in Ghana, more than half of them operate on facebook.
In order to reach these people, sponsored ads on Facebook should always be the last alternative; make use of Facebook groups to reach them organically by following the steps below.
You can download the Facebook app (Not Facebook Lite) on play store with your smart phone or even use your desktop  browser on your PC.
Click on the Facebook menu on  your app on far right corner  as indicated below.

Look for the group icon by scrolling down, and click on it to see all the Facebook groups you belong to, they appear like this on on your app;

Open each group and paste a link or post anything you want in the group. When pasting links, make sure featured images appear before you click on post.
In order to reach large audience, make sure you join Facebook groups with many members Eg. 20k+ members.
Quickly leave groups that require Admin’s approval before posting  because they may never approve it. You can also create your own public group on Facebook and  add your friends as well.
Apart from this, creating watsapp broadcast list, joining watsapp groups, twitter links sharing and email letters can also get you descent traffic to your block. You can comment with any other suggestions to help readers as well.

If you have difficulty in performing any of the above tasks contact Chief Blogger on +233570570892.