The International Brands Ghana of Jeba Hair Products and T’best Fruit Drink has for almost a year been embarking on a Campus Project in the various universities to equip students with entrepreneurial, human relation and marketing skills through the sales of its quality products (Jeba hair products and T’Best fruit drink) on campus.

Having recognized the impact of such a remarkable  project, the nation’s most innovative and indigenous  Cal Bank Ghana visited some of the campuses including Pentecost University and Central University College on the 6th of May 2016, to interact with some of the students about their practical experience with the project and how beneficial it has been to them since it’s initiation .


The Bank’s representatives, Roberta Ayesha Amadu(CAL Bank West Hills Weija Branch Manager ) and Jacob Thompson (Customer Relationship Manager) were generally excited about the project especially when they realized the keen interests of the youth in the whole initiative. According to the partaking students, they are not only grateful to the company (international Brands Ghana) about the opportunity rendered to them but they are also overwhelmed by the positive feedback and responses they receive from fellow colleagues and other individuals who are using the Jeba hair products and consuming T’best fruit drink.

The Customer Relationship Manager of CAL Bank, Jacob Thompson, believes T’best fruit drink has a huge space in the Ghanaian market to be one of the best brands in Africa within some few years. Below were his words;

“We all know jeba has been in the system for about 20 years now and has proven to be top quality product. with regards to T’best Aloevera drink, I  think it has a space in the market especially with the Aloevera content since we all know the scarcity of Aloe hence making it unique. T’best as it connotes means the best is a simple term especially for the young and upcoming , which I believe will be one of the best brands we shall have on the continent in some few years to come.”


He commended the CEO of International Brands Ghana, Mr. John K. Appiagyei and his team for their marketing strategy used for both Jeba and T’best. A tactic that he calls the ‘hard core’ tactic, which is a right marketing tool for face to face interaction with customers and network marketing. However, he called for massive media commercials to make it complete.

He further emphasized the Bank’s readiness to partner and support any initiative or project of International Brands Ghana so long as it liaise with the Bank’s objectives. He concluded by saying that as CAL BANK grows, they will move along with Jeba hair products and T’best in terms of banking relations and any financial assistance.