Benjamin Akakpo’s Authors’ Haven

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”
This reading quote by George R.R Martin is literally simple yet very profound and enlightened. This to explain how one is limited in what they can accomplish in their entire life without good reading and comprehension skills.

Despite the immense evolution in our Television and Radio industry, hardly will you chance upon informative and educative programmes about books and reading that reflects our everyday lives in black and white.
In that light, the astute and coherent Radio Presenter, Benjamin Akakpo, introducing a book review programme titled ‘AUTHORS’ HAVEN’ on Class 91.3FM. Due to the glaring fact of the very bad reading culture among Ghanaians and the immeasurable reading benefits that the concept of Authors’ Haven was developed.

Authors’ Haven brings to the doorsteps of Ghanaians from all walks of life, insight into the most epic literary works penned by some of the greatest minds our planet has ever seen. This radio programme is a deliberate attempt to get our population, especially those now budding in our elementary, junior and senior high schools, to embrace the life-transforming habit of reading very good material.
This programme explores and delves into great books that have relating significant effects on our present lives. Various avid readers and the Host spearhead the review and the assessment of great works by renowned authors in each episode. Listeners are not left out as their cherished contributions are shared. Some Prominent personalities who have once joined the table of avid readers as pundits include two time CNN Multi choice African Journalists Award winner, Mr. Kofi Akpabli,CEO of GASOP Oil, Mr. Kojo Opoku, Renowed Scholar Prof Lade Wosornu, Vice President of Ghana Association of Writers and Former Deputy Minister Dr. Martin Egblewogbe, Country Director of Send Ghana, Nana Fredua Agyeman and many other bigwigs who have shared their valuable thoughts on AUTHORS’ HAVEN.
Having realized that, what now, brace yourselves and let’s get caught reading. Tune in on Class 91.3FM this and every Sunday from 7pm to 8pm and get informed and enriched with vast knowledge of renowned Authors. This show has proven to be pure dynamite: a weekly dose of information, insight and entertainment all rolled into one package. AUTHORS’ HAVEN- GET CAUGHT READING!!!
Benjamin Akakpo is an author, poet, book critic, editor, proof reader and avid reader. He is the editor of Gitz African Magazine. He has one published mwork, Dailyb Wisdom Nuggets. He is also a broadcast journalist of Class 91.3fm.


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