Becca Donald Knott Trip To Nigeria 

Rebecca Donald Knott, a Ghanaian-british model earlier september represented the nation on the Aurora International Charity Foundation project in Nigeria. The foundation dubbed Queen on a mission was in line with the United Nation’s world international day of charity which fell on the 5th September, 2018. The Aurora foundation was to promote tourism and humanitarian campaign.


•A visit to Badagry Slavery Trade – she said, it was very emotional to experience and she got to know about what went on at the premises pertaining to slave trade.
•Charity Event in honor of the United Nation international charity day – she said, it was most touching event for her as it’s something she always wanted to do. She took the opportunity to give what she can to the less privileged.

•Visit to Nike Art Gallery – she added that it was the best experience for she was surrounded with African creativity all of which were hand made by Nigerians and Africans


•Interview with big media houses like Pulse Nigeria, Tvc Connect , Fame Tv Uk and also opportunity to have a professional photoshoot with With to Nigerian photographer kelechi Amadi and as well as got styled by the amazing Nigerian Top designer.


Rebecca Donald knot stayed with both parent but her father left the family when she was at the age of seven and her life was hauled with pain till she reaches age eighteen. Her mother took responsibility breaking all obstacles to make her daughter enjoys the best in life. 


Speaking to Entamoty media, she said; giving the poor and needy completes her world and makes her feel she kept a smile on their faces. She added that, every single thing she owes she made it herself as a result of her hard work. She was rejected when she was trying hard to get to the top to become what she has become now but her superiors who claim can help always demand for something to get her to the top. Rebecca’s philosophy in life as always been believe you can do it on your own with hard work, God and motivations.