Family of the needy Ghana (Fon Ghana) presents the maiden edition of the  historic football match between able-persons and disabled-persons.

This unprecedented event is scheduled to take place on the 29th of July, at the Kaneshie Bishop School park. The main motive of the game is to clear the notion that ‘disabilities are incapable’, this is to travel a long way to dwindle the stigmatization of of the physically challenged in the society.

The Family Of The Needy Ghana (Fon Ghana) is a  charitable non-governmental organization; comprising mostly of tertiary students whose aim is to put smiles on the faces of the relatively less privileged and give them a sense of belongingness.
FON-GH was formed in November, 2015 and was officially launched in February, 2016. FONGhana has embarked on several charitable activities; some of which include, donating to orphanages, street children and parents.

FON-GH has also started a rural-child enhancement project, dubbed, ’build the child project’ whose aim is to develop and equip school children in rural areas, specifically, survey line LA basic shool in Gyakiti a village close to the Volta Region.


The whole team of Fon Ghana is humbly inviting all and sundry to turn up and support such a worthy cause to able the disabled. For more enquiries about the ‘Able the disabled’ soccer match, please call 0274309099 or 0560219819.