2017 Miss Communicator Grand Launch Red Carpet Photos – Justina Odoi, Emefa Sedziafa, Shemimah Dapilaa & More.

We ‘heart’ the amazing fashion on the Miss Communicator Grand Launch red carpet! Most tertiary students can really let loose and try new things at this cool grand launch, and they have the bold style choices and the wild outfits to prove it! See all the sexist look from Justina Odoi to Emefa Sedziafa to Shemimah Dapilaa, right there.

Excuse us while we pick our jaws up off the floor after seeing all the stunning fashion on the Miss Communicator Grand Launch red carpet! From J.P Lawson to Gaddafi, we can’t get enough.

Shemimah totally blew us away in her Corel dress with a shinny gold belt around her stomach showing off her amazing arms and shoulders, She looked like a total goddess! Plus it was the public debut of her new hair. Shemimah look is gorgeous on her and left all the spotlight on her gorgeous face.

Current Queen Emifa Sedziafa grabbed our attention on the big night, She was walkin’ in let’s say 5-inch silver platform heels on the red carpet. The adorable Queen was rocking a little harajuku-inspired black mini dress that totally made her pop. Her cute smile and style brought the whole look together, too.

Then there’s the adorable Justina Odoi, who looked superb in a sleeveless see through dress. How could you not notice her? Her sexy smokey eyes and studded booties gave the whole look that we have totally loved.

Of course, we have to show love for the guys who totally showed up for the red carpet. These guys melted out heart when they stepped out in their suit and executive wear. We love guys who are willing to go bold with his red carpet fashion! Plus pairing the look with black slacks and that winning smile. Great move guys. You guys nailed it.

Check out all the red carpet photos, good and bad in the pictures below


What’s your fave look on the Miss Communicator Grand Launch red carpet? Let us know.