2016 Batch of the Unemployed Nurses Assistant Association(UNAA);Cries out on the wait of Posting.

Unemployed Nurses Assistant Association.(UNAA) is an associate comprising the Graduate Nurse Assistance Clinical & Nurse Assistance* Preventive, we wish to bring to the notice of the President and the Ministry of Health on matters concerning the Posting of Nurses who have successfully completed their training in 2016.

Before we  commence,We will like to show our enthusiasm by congratulating the government and the ministry of health for the effective work done so far for posting the 2015 batch of NAC’s ,NAP’s, Psychiatry’s ,Midwife’s and the General nurse’s respectively, and clearing the backlog of graduated nurse’s.

We say “Ayekoo”.

However our enthusiasm cannot cannot be fully  expressed as we the  batch of nurses who completed in 2016

Because we are yet to hear from government six months down the line .this has created room for anxiety, agitation and trauma

We are unhappy at all about the treatment melted to trained nurses nowadays who are left out of no choice but to resort to demonstrating agitations and picketing which seems very unfortunate not even to talk of (referred nurses) we hope this government shows competence and end this canker as promised, we deserve better.

We the 2016 Nac and Nap were denied of allowance by the previous government which was pathetic and hectic, although the then opposition party now government promise of given us (allowance) which is not the case now but we are not bothered by that for now provided we are posted early,we can sacrifice our selves for it in this troubling economic times of our mother Ghana.

We are now liabilities to our various homes depending on our guidance with nill feedback as to when we are going to be posted.

We will like to remind the government that we the Nac and Nap batch who completed in November 2016 are still home in agony .

We are however hopeful  that this government will see to our plea  to facilitate our postings earlier so that our knowledge do not decay  This is our humble calling on the government and the ministry of health to brief us as well as speeding up all necessary processes

We believe in you and your government and it’s dream to enrich the healthcare system in our country with competence as said and we will always subject ourselves to all due processes in addressing our grievances as we believed picketing and demonstration are becoming too many but we will be left with no option to follow same if our concern is not resolve by six weeks from today 24/7/17 and we don’t want to believe it is the only language governments understand better.