Tiwa Savage & Tee Billz; All you Need To Know – the interview

More interesting revelations trail ensuing drama between Tiwa Savage and her (ex) husband Tee Billz
– It all started after Tee Billz’s pitiably bad Instagram rants of Thursday, April 28
– The artist manager called out Tiwa and several others in a bizarre, drama-like show of shame
– Speaking exclusively to Azuka Ogujiuba on April 29, Tiwa opens up like never before and we draw 15 points from her narrative
As the world braces up for the eventualities from the ensuing drama between Nigerian pop star Tiwa Savage and her embattled (ex) husband Tunji ‘Tee Billz’ Balogun, we draw 15 points from her recent interview of Friday, April 29 conducted by Azuka Ogujiuba of ThisDay Newspaper in conjunction with Pulse TV.
Tee Billz made national headlines on Thursday, April 28 when he took to Instagram on a maniacal outburst session to spill dirty, private details about his wife and her mother.
In what will remain a mystery for years to come, the artiste manager/ publicist dragged several other names in the dirt as he alleged they’d at different points being in a sexual relationship with his wife.
It’s been a crazy period for Nigerian entertainment. Below are 15 key areas of the Tiwa narrative based on her recent interview that are still resounding as we speak:
1. Tee Billz had addiction problems – From the singer’s revelations in the interview, Tee Billz currently suffers from alcohol and drug addiction troubles. She even recounted seeing him sniff cocaine in their apartment shortly after their wedding in 2014 after which she contacted his parents on the development.
2. Insincerity and unaccountability – Another point to note in the short-lived affair is that her husband was shady with financial matters. Once, before she fired him as her manager, he booked her for a show in the UK and got the full payments (which was even more than her actual rate as she said) and then went on to divert the fund into a personal account, squandered the money and led her into believing all was fine. She ended up performing at the event for free. She also stated that he was getting 40% of her performance fee at the time and it was even more than that at some point before she was advised by well-meaning friends and associates to review the cut from 50-5- as it’s not done that way.
3. Profligate lifestyle with no job or steady means of income – The 36-year-old pop star also revealed that Tee Billz lived a lavish life despite not having a steady job or the means to foot his bills. As a result, he ran the family into debts on several occasions. She talked about him getting a Rolex wrist watch as well as a Mercedes Benz all of which he didn’t fully pay for hence making her part with several millions to keep things under control and save their public image.
4. Inability to play major roles as a man – According to Tiwa, Tee Billz always complained about being broke but he could get his hair cut twice weekly, dryclean his cloths, go clubbing and buy drinks as well as lodge in hotels with several women. She added that since the birth of their baby in July 2015, he has not spent a dime on the child’s welfare.
Mavin Records stars Don Jazzy and Tiwa Savage

5. Tiwa Savage was the breadwinner all along – Everything we saw about Tee Billz on the outside were courtesy of his wife’s earnings and magnanimity. In fact, she paid for his flight to London when their baby was born in July 2015, as well as for their short vacation and then family shopping (which included getting Tee Billz new clothes so as to have items to keep up appearances in Nigeria upon their return). This probably got Tee Billz deluded that being unable to provide for one’s family as a man is okay in addition to relying on one’s wife for financial support and more.
6. Tee Billz could get into more troubles with the EFCC owing to his indebtedness – Tiwa revealed in the interview that he got a 45 million naira loan from certain persons and went into hiding after squandering the money. She has since gotten calls from them threatening to take the matter to the EFCC.
7. She has been saving face all along – She’s had to live her life like that because he gets into debts several times and she receives calls from his creditors who threaten to go to press and rubbish her name if they don’t get their moneys back. As a result, she gets to pay for his excesses in order to save the day.
8. She still loves him, or she implied that she still loves him by her actions – In the course of the interview, she said the words “I love you” five times when referring to him even as she kept on apologizing for whatever shortcomings of hers in their relationship. She also stated that she’ll continue praying for him to fully regain himself.
9. Tunji ‘Tee Billz’ Balogun has another family other than the one in the US making it his third – She revealed that he fathered a child as well in Nigeria prior to their marriage which she initially didn’t know about. With this, it means Tee Billz has fathered kids with three different women as at last count.
10. Serial womanizer – He might have accused her of infidelity but from her revelations he isn’t any better. According to the singer, he was in a hotel having fun with another woman while she was being admitted at a hospital in London owing to a miscarriage she suffered.
11. Envy – She also stated that he is jealous of her successes hence his irrational actions. She added that her mother has been nothing short of sweet to Tee Billz and so she’ll need him to tell her what exactly her mother did to him to deserve being called a witch.
12. Tiwa saw signs, was advised but disregarded – Tiwa revealed also that she saw the signs of his unusual lifestyle before the marriage. She was also warned by people around her about the kind of person he is but she disregarded the comments and went on with the wedding which has been nothing short of dramatic.
13. Regrets – At this point, she said she regrets ever getting married to him and she’s not ashamed to say it.
Tiwa Savage and her son Jamil who was born in London in July 2015.
14. Psychological help – According to the singer, Tee Billz had been getting help psychologically for his addiction troubles prior to this time.
15. It is all over between them – She says their marriage is done and she is focused on being happy for her son as well as raising him to be a better man. However, she won’t stop him from seeing their son whenever he wants. She broke down in tears at the 24.48 mark saying she never cheated on Tee Billz with any of the names he mentioned or with anyone else for that
matter and he knows this in his heart.

source – Naij