These 7 Photos of Kojo Nkansah Lil Wayne will Make you Laugh Out Loud

Undoubtedly, Kojo Nkansah Lil Wayne is one of the hilarious and talented comedians this Nation has ever produced. This guy is so witty and entertaining that he can cause the most tiring and boring individual to laugh with just a simple facial expression. Entamoty has dug out all the albums of Lil Wayne and have arrived at the most amusing ones that will make your day.

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I couldn’t begin this countdown without commencing it with the featured image of the video of the most trending cliche ‘I Dont Think Far’. Lil Wayne is gladly showing his abs in a summer shots with such an indescribable face.


This particular photo was one of the most trending images of the kumawood star on all Entamoty social media pages. Just take a look at Kojo Nkasah with that braid hair leading a ladies gang, so funny man.


Hmmm as for this particular picture, i had to argue severely with a fellow blogger to conclude that it was indeed the funny man himself. I never knew he could look that good off camera, his OK hair cut is so amazing, he is a handsome dude, trust me.


Now let me give you another twist of Kojo. Try and compare the previous photo to this one. In this photo he was trying to show us the feminine side of himself. Hahahaha judge it for yourself if he really nailed it.


Ayoo whether that equipment is a telescope or not, only Nkansah can answer that question. Check out little lil wayne on the site as well.

lil great

OMG! But who on earth will do this? And what exactly is he looking at? I just dont think far looking at this picture.

lil nice

Finally, this picture holds 3 hilarious men in Africa. I know you are aware of the question i am about to ask? Who is the funniest among them? I leave that to you lol.



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