These 5 Dab Photos Will Make you laugh 

Before we launch into the really hilarious pictures, what is the ‘Dab’ dance? It is a really simple dance, you lean your head into the crook of the elbow of one hand, while raising the other upward in the opposite direction. Where did it come from? No one is really sure, and there has been massive speculation on its origins. Although it is said to have origins in Atlanta, USA, and NFL football player Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers is well known for performing this dance when he scores a touchdown. 

While it might look really simple, many have tried the dance with hilarious results: 

1. Fox 29’s television weather anchor, Sue Serio did the dab on TV, and for a while i was staring at this picture. First of all, why is her hand on her waist? If it were higher up, like it should be, this would have been a really nice dab. But now, its just a ‘da’ without the b. She gets a 5/10. Sue Serio doing the dab on TV, doesn’t get any bolder than this. 

2. There have been claims that the ‘Dab’ was invented by Fela Kuti, some of the claims were based on this particular picture. Please, is this a ‘Dab’? To me, it looks more like Fela is about to remove his shirt, except that the shirt is already off. Please this is not even a dab. Fela Kuti on stage. Definitely not doing the Dab 

 3. One thing i love about the Dab, is its simplicity. Old, or young, everyone can do the Dab, unlike other dance steps which might require energy. So the old mama in the picture below tried, she really did. Yet, mama your face should be in the crook of your elbow. And why is your other palm curved though? If it had been flat, you would have gotten at least a 9/10.  Mama is doing the Dab here. 

4. Brown Ideye is a Nigerian, who plays for Olympiacos fotball club and i think he should stick to playing and leave dancing to dancers. I think Pogba is the only one who can manage both football and dancing, not this thing Ideye is doing here that looks like when a little child is crying. 3/10. Brown Ideye in Olympiacos colors

5. Is doing the Dab, wrong? I am not sure, but these ladies in hijab have decided to ‘dab on em’ like they say. It would have been perfect if only their palms were not spread like duck feet. 6/10 please. Two ladies in hijab doing the dab Want to read news with extra conveni

Source – Naij