Pataapa Is Ungrateful; I Regret Working With Him – Europe Tour Promoter

Nana Amoako CEO of Young Mission Entertainment, the firm behind Pataapa’s recent Europe Tour has said, Pataapa is an ungrateful artist and he regret working with him.

It will be recalled that, Pataapa recently embarked on a Europe Tour, even though the tour went down pretty well, but not without controversies. Pataapa on his return, shun the media and angrily walked into his car, apparently this has a lot to do with money.

In a recent interview, the ‘One Corner’ hit maker accused his Europe Tour promoter of lying and threatened to sue him if does not bring his money. This, didn’t go down well with the promoter, hence he described Pataapa as an ungrateful artist.

In a interview with DJ Nyaami on ‘We Dey Vibe’ on SVTV Africa, Nana Amoako revealed that, the money owed Pataapa and his management team is not be paid by him, but a different promoter in Norway but because he led Pataapa and his team to the said promoter in Norway, that is why Pataapa is accusing him of lying. Nonetheless, Nana Amoako said this is not the right way to go about the issue especially after all the goods things he has done for Pataapa for free. “Initially I didn’t want to work with Patapaa but I changed my mind later. I’ve done lots of work for Patapaa for free, so if by any chance there is a money issue, which I told you I’ll sort you out even if the Norway promoter refuses to pay. You shouldn’t go out there and be tarnishing my image, Patapaa is an ungrateful artist and I regret working with him, this will be last time I’ll be working with him”