MzBell Claims She Doesn’t Like Sex – 5 Rare Facts About MzBell

MzBell Claims She Doesn’t Like Sex – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About MzBell

Unbelievable! Look who is hating on sex, anyone could say that but we never expected this from the sexy MzBell. Today on the Morning Ride Show with Grey, the Ony3 Ogbemi singer became much more candid with her fans about some of the rarest facts about her life.

She started off by saying she is very religious and spiritual. She actually had the guts to tell us she is religious after publicly proclaiming that she doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ, well, that’s an issue she has to deal with.

Among some of her unknown truths is the fact that she has been wearing medicated glasses all of her life. Indeed, we usually come across her wearing fancy glasses, however, they are not so fashionable as they seem, those lenses are always impregnated with medicine for sight. Since age 8, she has been battling with her sight. Awwwww we soo sorry Mizz.


I Don’t Lie. Yes! Entamoty writes right! She really said that. According to MzBell, she can never afford to lie. Lying has never been a part of her, as she finds it very difficult not to tell the truth. She explains that owing to this, she is always in trouble with her P.R team, because she blatantly spills all the beans on an issue during interview sessions.

Before telling us about her sex life, MzBell stated that she is very approachable and friendly. Unlike some celebrities like Yvonne Nelson who will virtually slap you for a selfie, MzBell made us believe she is nothing close to that. She is not too hostile, very friendly and highly inclined to support.

Finally, to the part where the whole world is finding it hard to believe; the mother of one claims that she doesn’t like sex and has never been a fun of it.

‘’I feel sex is a very strenuous task to undertake, I find it so physically and mentally weary. I’m not like other women who are fascinated by the breath taking looks of a man.’’ She stated.

Really! Are you figuring out my thoughts about her statement? How can you say you are not fascinated by men? Which sex intrigues you then? Comment below Entamoty Readers!



By Barimah Amoaning