Campus Crash TV Chit-chat With Jason Ela and Campus Crash TV have many things in common. One of the main priorities that we share together is to support young talents who are tremendously making a positive impact in the society.

Undoubtedly, one of such talents is the young award winning Radio and TV Personality and Musician JASON ELA. Last weekend, the Campus Crash Train caught up with the young super star at Live FM to extract answers from him, especially regarding campus days and moments.


The interview made us know that Jason used to be very shy and timid during his High School days (in Okuapeman Senior High School). Contrary to what we might have thought, Jason used to be that cute mild and  morosed kid who minded his own business in High School.
“I was very shy in school, I seldom attend entertainment and I never performed during entertainment in High School, I was very reserved and minded my own business” He disclosed.

Recalling how he found his passion for Hip-hop, Jason explains how he has always loved to be a Pop artist; as a young teenager, he stole inspirations from 50 Cent, Snoop Dog, Dr. Drey and the likes by constantly listening to those gurus of Rap music to improve his craft.

Our able Presenter, Barimah Amoaning Samuel asked Jason about his foray into the Media scene as a TV and radio Presenter; he replied by saying it somewhat happened accidentally. His presenting potentials became palpable when he was first interviewed by Presenter Berla Mundi, how he expressed himself, his antics and flair in just a single interview just gave way to all the opportunities.


Most of you will attest to the fact that blending schooling with work is a very stressful thing to do. According to Jason, the infusion of his  education with his carrier  has never been  on a silver platters.

“combining the two has always been a hard nut to crack, you can imagine when I have to seriously prepare for a live shoot whiles at the same time having Exams to write the next morning, certainly not an easy task.” Jason explained.
However difficult this might see,  he sails through to do well at both poles of his life with the aid of great mentorship from family and co-workers .

There is a lot we learned from our chit-chat with Jason, and we believe that just this little we have shared with you has definitely added something to your life. From the uniform of that shy dude has germinated into the matured and celebrated Jason Ela; this makes it so crystal that no matter your current situation or location you can be whoever you wish to be with determination. For Jason we know the sky is even the starting point as he is even yet to unlock his potentials to the world, there is nothing we can do to be part of the success story than to support and encourage him to be nothing but the best in all his endeavors.

Full Video of Barimah’s interview with Jason can be watched here

By Barimah Amoaning Samuel (Blogger, Writer, Presenter) Call +233570570892 for hiring and promotions)