There are a lot of ‘A’ list celebrities in Ghana who are where they are today not solely because of their career in the Entertainment industry nor due to some height of wealth they have accumulated over the years. You don’t need to be a peak performer as a musician, actor or the most talked about radio and television personality before you can be regarded as the people’s idol. Do you always get that strong morbid feeling of ever wanting to be that guy or lady everyone talks about? Or probably you want to get that celebrity tag to become very influential in your society for your own exclusive reasons, then this piece by Barimah Entamoty is just perfect for you, continue reading to uncover some of the down to earth and practical ways becoming a celebrity in the shortest possible time.


I chose to commence with this particular point because it is the most imperative of all if you ask me. Social media has a brought a whole new world to those who engage in its activities. I believe by now you know it’s a common knowledge that almost everyone in Ghana uses a smart phone and therefore are on either one or two social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap chat, Linkedin and what have you. As an upcoming celebrity make sure you have accounts on all the popular social media platforms. That does not end there, after creating those accounts make sure you have a lot of following from friends and acquaintances who can get to see your activities on their news feed. You might want to go for a photoshoot (don’t think about money, you can get them very cheap after proper survey or even get a friend photographer to do that for free. Go to Instagram and look up for freelance photographers, they charge less.) Avoid posting unusual pictures on your social media platforms, posting pictures with smart phones of standard picture quality is ok. Make sure you also follow local celebrities to connect with them as well. Remember it is only through the things you post that reveals who you are to your followers.



Let me ask you this, do you have any friend who is a blogger at all, that’s if you are not one yourself. What most people don’t realise is that, in this Modern Ghana that we are, bloggers steer the trend. We make noise almost about everything and honestly speaking most of the viral videos and stories you hear of are mostly catalysed by Entertainment Bloggers to be precised. The online bloggers that you are going to make your friends are going to talk about you on their websites and their social media platforms which have huge following already. Sometimes you liaised with them to come up with fake stories for publicity stunts. Don’t worry if they ask of few bucks, what you should know is that we hardly charge our close friends when they give us a job. I can recall few works that I have done for friends for free or sometimes just by mere airtime they got me.



The list will be endless when we start numbering renown celebs who were from zero to hero through a shot in one audition, the very famous will be John Dumelo and the sensational Abraham Attah. Every single day film makers, agents and scouts organize auditions to search for stars. You claim you want to become a celeb badly however you can’t even recall the last time you turned up for an audition. Sometimes I go for auditions not for a particular role but just to make friends and boost my level of confidence. Like poles they s ay attract, you will chance upon individuals who have similar goals as yours when you go for such auditions, and you will be astonished about the doors it will lead to.auditionnotice



One of the softer means of appearing on screens regularly is through reality shows. Thanks to the evolution in Radio and TV, we now have numerous reality shows ranging from beauty pageants, music contest, presenting, modelling, acting and other talent quest reality shows. Those are myriads of opportunities presented to you to shoot to fame. Waste no time, try your luck in some of those reality shows, who knows it might be your break through moment. Chase the opportunity, don’t wait till it comes knocking at your door, for it might never come.


Yes! you read it right, I know there are a lot of television and radio programmes that you watch and listen to most of the time. Don’t just be a spectator, participate. When the phone lines are open, call in, mention your brand name and contribute. Interact with them on their social media pages and other platforms. As you continue doing this, it will not only make you known to the production team, but also to the huge number of people watching and listening to that particular programme. Hehehe it makes sense right?



This might seem a little bit quirky, but trust me, this alone can do the magic for you. I don’t need to tell you the events that recognise the appearance of celebrities. You can talk about the award shows, music festivals, movie premiering and a whole lot more. Turn up for these events to interact with people in the industry. Don’t be timid to approach a celeb, they are ordinary people like you, go to them and ask for a selfie. Mention them by their first name, for instance ‘’ Hello Jackie, am a huge fan, can I take a picture with you?’’. Hardly will a celeb turn you down for a picture. Post those pictures on all your social media platforms and make sure you do mention the name of the celebrity in that picture.

Ghana’s population is just 27 million, and for me, I believe it shouldn’t be very difficult to become very popular and famous. Even though being famous comes with its own disadvantages, I know the benefits are always worth it. The techniques above have worked for many who have practiced them consciously and unconsciously, so what are you waiting for, get your luggage and begin the celebrity journey. Nevertheless, for questions, guidance, personal branding and publicity, you can contact me on 0570570892 for more assistance.