Eno Barony claims she is the Best Female rapper in Africa

2MG Music artiste, Eno Barony formerly called Eno, said she has finally arrived in the music business with rap music to that effect.

The female rapper said she is the best and finest female rapper in Africa, stating that most of the female artistes in Africa sing which makes the men dominate the rap game, so she is proud to call herself as the best female rapper in Africa.

Eno Barony, is encouraging other female artistes in rap music to work and improve upon their rap skills as it will be a factor in helping to expand the growth of the industry and also showcase their talents to the outside world and music lovers at large. According to her, what Ghanaians and the world at large have seen her do is just the beginning.

She is yet to release her album dubbed “Yaa Asantewaa“.

“I see myself an A-listed artist, not an underground act”.
She said