9 GH Cellebs Who Are Famous For No Reason – Photos

9 Ghanaian Celebrities Who Are Famous for No Reason

If we are to go by a reasonable definition, a celebrity should be that person who has made a good impact or achieved a lot in a chosen field, worthy of being celebrated and has gained fame on the back of the success.

But all around the world, a lot of those we know as celebrities are just famous–and mostly do not fit the above description.

For instance, Kim Kardashian became a celebrity for no reason–and we hope you do not count a s*x tape as a worthy reason that should confer on her such an enviable status.

Similarly, we have several people who have made forced entry into the room of celebrities in Ghana, when they really do not deserve to be there and today we are fetching them out with this post.

These are the celebrities who did not work hard for their money or fame–it was handed to them on a silver platter.


1. Moesha Boduong

The truth is; if you are asked to state something of importance that Moesha has done to deserve the slightest of fame she enjoys today, you wouldn’t be able to name any, even if given a century to think about it.

She’s just famous for having a big ass, hips and posting racy photos on instagram.

You can say, she is famous for being dumb.

2. Mona Aka Hajia4Real

To think of it, most of us got to know of Mona Aka Hajia4Real when she was brutally dissed by Amanda Acquah in an audio sent to Ghanaian millionaire-Kenpong.

So literally, she is famous for being dissed and for dating a rich man.

From there, the instagram followers started pouring in and she shot to the ceiling on the fame radar.

Today, she is an instagram celebrity…

3. Amanda Acquah

Amanda’s relationships with Kenpong and Ghanaian footballer-Afriyie Acquah are not the true reasons why a lot of people know her name.

She is known for scandals upon scandals, with her insulting audio to Kenpong leading the pack.

She has also had two or three scandalous inappropriate materials leaking–which made her the talk of Ghana.

4. Menaye Donkor

Why do we celebrate Menaye Donkor? Nothing?

Don’t say because she is married to a Ghanaian footballer–because several others are married to footballers and we don’t see them anywhere in the news.

Menaye Donkor has made it to the room of Ghanaian Celebrities by riding on the back of her husband and also by association with other celebrities.

So she’s like a celebrity by association, a socialite.

5. Princess Shyngle

Princess Shyngle has made it as far as being covered by the world’s most read online news website-DailyMail.

And it’s not for anything worth celebration–but her ridiculous hips got her there.

The Mail Online called her “an actress, a writer and producer” and to be frank, we can’t name any of her works.

Deborah Vanessa

6. Deborah Vanessa

Deborah Vanessa claims to be everything; a model, actress, musician, writer, TV presenter and a producer–when in fact, she is not really any of these things.

Even if she has had stints with any of the fields above, her success does not merit the sort of celebrity bandage she wears on her arms.

She is riding on a free wave of fame, backed by nothing.

Nana Akua Addo

7. Nana Akua Addo

Nana Akua Addo has tried her hands on a few acting and producing gigs but she has not scored any success and therefore has not been able to generate attention from that sector.

Yet, she wears the celebrity chain around her neck–mostly, by making glam appearances at events, all cost paid by herself.

So literally, she is famous for being at every event and not for what she says she is actually involved in.

I doubt you’ve seen any of her movies.

Bibi Bright

8. Bibi Bright

No doubt Nana Akua Addo and Bibi Bright have become enemies–they are all in desperate want of the same throne–the throne of celebrities for no reason.

Bibi Bright has also tried her hands on acting and producing; nothing impressive or worth of any attention.

But she has succeeded in stealing social media attention with n*de photos, fights and her ‘basaa’ English.

9. Madam Akua Donkor

Madam Akua Donkor is perhaps even more popular than Ghana’s Vice President-Amissah Arthur and PPP’s Paa Kwesi Nduom. She is one of the most media covered personalities in Ghana today–but for what reason?

She’s really famous or a celebrity for being empty–and that defeats the true essence of celebrity-ship.

She even travels with the President on diplomatic missions…