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Written by Musah, Abdul-Rahman

Photographed by IG: McSnow_len

I remember those times when our grandfathers adhere to our Ghanaian culture as a treasure tow from generation to generation with the blaring of their mouths into the ears of their children who also transfer to the next generation for them to tap and also tow it along to the unborn generation.
I remember as if it was yesterday when they use to clad their beautiful ebony skin with their colourful raiment which causes pleasure to the eye and causes other foreign countries mouth agape. Those where the core which drew people from far away places to Ghana and experience our rich culture which cuts deep into the brains for them to identify our root.

I remember the food we use to eat which can clearly identify the tribe one comes from. The natural ingredients and spices gotten direct from the farm devoid of any chemicals which elongate our life span. I can’t forget our bush meat and the fishes which add protein and flavour to our meal and makes our meal the ever delicious, rich in nutrients and keep us on our toes in tilling our land.

I still remember how we use to know each other in our communities and protect one another, instill discipline into wayward children, and laud them when they do good.

What then happened? Now where is our culture? Where is what defines us as Ghanaians?? It’s so sad to wake up and our beautiful raiment which was once our pride had been thrown to the dogs as a bone for their meal and rather we pant for foreign apparel. Tour the Colleges, how many people can properly wear the “ntoma”? On a normal day how many people will even think of wearing the locally woven print beaten into different styles which defines us? It is so sad to think of how our culture had been mixed or towed into the bin in a distasteful manner.

Go to our restaurants, the big hotels in the big cities, comb through their menu and it will hit you like a hammer hitting a nail on the two to three local menu in compression with the indescribable lengthy foreign menu sold in our country. What went wrong with our culture? What went wrong with our locally prepared food? If we don’t have the appetite to taste our own then who do we expect to come and consume our meal? Are we burying our culture? What are we to tell our grandfathers and great great grandfather’s if they are to come back with query?

Look at the rate of indiscipline which is swallowing the nation, where is our culture which might have even salvage and dignify us? The rate of robbery, prostitution to mention but a few had been the norm. Way back in those days, it was rare to even think of displaying such unrefined attitude. Such attitudes in those days can destroy the dignity of your family and render them insignificant in the society. Aside that, taboos and decrees also protected us in other for us to display good attitudes.

Where is our values? Where is our culture? Are we to sit and make those culture which defines us some years ago deteriorate and put the efforts of our forefathers into vain? It’s not surprising we die at early stages due to the chemical nature of what we eat, smear on our body, and even what we drink. How many of us even patronise in our locally manufactured shear butter? we rather pine for chemicals which will rip off our ebony skin and make us look like something else… So sad!

My effort, your effort and everybody’s effort can help bring back our lost culture. Let’s give it a try!

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