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A heart which has only focused on you, loved you with all its might

Why are you turning to somewhere else?

Ain’t you getting enough of what love should offer?

I am asking babe. 

Talk to me! 

I heard you are into another relationship?

Well, congratulations! 

Why didn’t you tell me? 

Can I now conclude what I heard was true?

I want to again ask who is giving you that much attention?

Is that why you rejected me the other time?

Calling me a brother?

Is my love not enough?

I guess maybe I have over loved you, or?

How should I love you then?

Where did I go wrong?


Is it about my physic? 

What errors can you identify? 

Let me ask, am I too short? 

Am I too dark?

Don’t I have muscles enough to carry you? 

Where did I go wrong my strawberry? 

Are my flattery not enough currently? 

Let me again ask, is he more handsome?

More than me? 

Where did I go wrong?


May I know, Is it my education?

Is it because I couldn’t upgrade because I failed my WASSCE? 

Is it because you are currently at the University?

Am I not your class anymore? 

Where did I go wrong? 


Does it mean you’ve called it off?

So you mean my calls ain’t gonna be answered?

When will your number tell me it’s ain’t busy?

Will my number continue to be on blacklist?

Will you continue to shout on me even if you answer my calls? 

Will you always tell me you are busy?

When will you be free then? 

So where did I go wrong? 

I’m still glued to my phone

I’m still waiting for your call.

When is it coming? 

Should I continue to wail behind my phone? 

Where did I go wrong?

Tell me it was all a dream

Tell me it was a hoax

Tell me you did this to shake my heart up

Tell me you will get in touch with me

Where did I go wrong? 

Am I  talking to you babe? 

Can you hear me? 

Tell me… 

Tell me something to put my smiles back.

You told me we ain’t ending

You told me it was me alone

You told me no one can attract you with money all whatever.

What then happened?

Has university enlighten you to the extend that your brains are seeing money over me? 

No, I don’t think so. 

Maybe I have to increase my mobile money or? 

Babe talk to me, I am on all ears. 

Where did I go wrong?


Are you trying to tell me indirectly it’s a done deal? 

Does it mean I ain’t seeing you no more?

Where did I go wrong? 

You pulled my heart this far 

You made me believed in you

My heart was only beating for you

Where did I go wrong?


I’m asking babe… Hmm 

Wallow around with him

Sing his praises 

For he drives you daily to lectures.

Refuse to mind me

For I ply the roads with trotro

While you ply the roads with V8

Fully chuffered.

As I enjoy my “brodze ntotoe”(roasted plantain)  with my groundnut

I know you eat the burgers.

Such has always been life. 

I will wail not because you ended it.

My wailing will be centred on my foolishness.

I will continue to preach to the world love never exist 

Promises are always broken! 

Heart broken! 

System broken! 

I am only left with my emaciated bones. 

Come and dismantle it

And I will know I never existed. 

Where did I go wrong?



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