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Written by Musah, Abdul-Rahman.

It is the talk of the town, yes! it is currently the anthem on the mouth and lips of the youth. When drummed into the ears we coin as a joke and laugh over it yet it is this same dreadful drug that rape the energetic youth of their energy and they portray abnormal behavior which derail their conscience from the norm to absurdity. We feel high when taken; they say. Others say it enables them to last long in bed, it boost our energy for us to perform well in our daily activities hence the rush on this drug, tramadol!

Tramol as is popularly known had been in existence for the purpose of pain relieve use to mitigate the extreme pain one goes through in the process of a successful surgery or operation. Currently, it has been the most abused drug by the youth. What happened? Who fed the youth with this dreadful drug and brainwashed them to take; for their supposed activities?? These are some of the rhetorical questions running into the vain which feeds the brain to try hard to comprehend this tramadol boom!

Laws pertaining to drug control and any other laws in Ghana so far are toothless and only gain their sharp teeth when emergency occur. In Ghana a lot of laws are sinking the nation but as to how to implement and enforce the laws had become a headache or should I say stomach ache? We recall, amidst rainfall there came an explosion at a filing station in the nations Dubai, Kwame Nkrumah Circle which was dubbed or popularly known as The June 3rd disaster which rip off the lives of our able men and women. May their souls continue to rest in the bosom of their creator. This disaster was as a result of these toothless law I was talking about earlier. After the June 3rd disaster, the nation took a serious agenda to halt the establishment of filing stations at unauthorised places and this grew the sharp teeth of the law ready and eager to devour. In a short time a punch from nowhere razed the teeth back to its previous toothless position. Tour places in Ghana and you could still see the erecting of filing stations in residential areas. Where is the law? Has it really lost it teeth??

Let me veer back to tramadol… Honestly speaking, fighting the abuse of drug in Ghana is a challenge. It is so sad for the ears to hear that those in charge of drug control don’t have accurate statistics pertaining to the number of drugs imported into the country. I am not saying they are to be blamed but we the people ourselves our actions and inactions has over the years contributed to this spike of tramadol abuse. If persons from other country can bring in the drug and spread them in the full glare of everybody on their selling pans and comb the cities in the full glare of the security services, in the full glare of the politician, in the full glare of we the educated and sell; then the blame is a shared one and not a centralized one. Let’s stand on our toes and keep condemning any illegal activities destroying our youth and in so doing our laws will permanently gain it sharp teeth once and for all.

Yes! We can do this!!
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