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Written by Musah Abdul-Rahman

Photographed by @McSnow_lens

I am beautiful but hidden, hidden from the deceitful venom of the tongues of men who can lure you with their sugar coated words just to make your life miserable after hitting it hard and brewing the sweetness in you, touting your sexual prowess to their male counterparts just to paint you as a laughing stock and a cheap being  to suit their wimps and caprices. 

I disguise my face which carries my red lips which most at times they claim is kissable, my body; which carry’s the curvaceous hips, my ever charming soft body from their deceitful words they always shower on me. They always knock at my heart, yearning for me to give in for them to use me but I always turn my back against them, I am a dead goat living in a human being and I seem not to here their rants. 

They always try to pat me to activate my feelings but it seems their patting can’t dissolve me onto their laid white bed sheet ready to receive me for an indescribable ecstasy just for their climax.

Proposals upon proposals had been glued on my phone, I just glance through my messages and bark out with laughter anytime I read their ever pleading words just to nail and explore my charming body. I am beautiful but hidden. 

I am like a gold hidden beneath the ground, you will meander your way through nooks and crooks before I can be pinned on your bed but before that see my parent and tell them you are ready to marry me. I am the hidden beauty!

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