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I was made to believe that I was the only woman hovering around his heart, mind and even through his capillaries and arteries. I was going haywire for him for he succeeded to lure me with his heavenly sweet words which melted my hardened heart against men the first day he spoke with me. Hmm! When mummy was advicing me to tune my mind to education other than love I just closed my ears and went for his love. 

I still can smell his perfume, that perfume which disorganised my system and made me weak like one week when it entered into my nose. That alone was a source of my inspiration that he’s here to stay. Ouch! That muscular body which set my eyes ablaze was a thing I couldn’t overlook. He melted me drastically with his everything and I was powerless. He was the master of my decisions. Nobody was given the ears for what they say. I was blinded and my mind couldn’t decide what is wrong and what is right. The heart was dancing his tune of love.

He had his way in between my legs, abused and cheated on me but the love I had for him was extreme that it surpasses the monster in him. This was what love plunged an innocent soul like me into. Mummy adviced me but I gave her a deaf ears. Guess what, I was stabbed and I nearly ended my life, that precious life I flaunt about with my ego while we were in that fatal bond called relationship. He succeeded in destroying me all because I resisted his advances. I got to know the monster in him had been disguised in that innocent face and he’s capable of doing anything. He succeeded in paralysing me and clinging me to this wheel chair. Now I can’t walk without a walking stick for I have been disabled. I cry in pain, I curse him everyday but HAD I KNOW…

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