Colleges of education over the years have been treated as though its a minor priority to the affairs of the state. Who even cares to fight for us through our wailing which has over the weeks rendered our hearts in regret to even say in public I am a teacher! Our remaining feeble smiles are fixed back with this quote “all professionals can boast but it is the teacher who taught them all”. If it is the teacher who taught them all, why then do people we taught and are now privileged to head positions remaining nonchalant about the current impasse ongoing between tutors of colleges of education and government? For God sake if you don’t know or you are failing to know, OUR TUTORS ARE ON STRIKE!

Honourable Minister, we welcomed with high esteem when you stood before the press to taut it loud to award trainees with degree certificate after completion, I will commend you for that but you failed to tell us when our tutors, I mean COLLEGES OF EDUCATION tutors will be back to the lecture halls. Could it mean that the degree certificate which became headlines was a way to sway the attention of the general public from the almost close to a month indefinite strike? If that is so then you played your cards well; “congratulations”. I want to again ask, how will you feel when your ward gets admission to the college upon the balloon admission fees and he calls to inform you that tutors are on indefinite strike hence he is stranded and regrets for applying to the college, will you remain nonchalant as a Minister of education? A sensitive government will be much more concern about the problems of his people. The efforts of TTAG, our mouth piece to put before you what we are facing currently has remain unconcern to you. Even that of CETAG, our tutors haven’t been solved how much more that of our mouth piece, TTAG . Maybe colleges of education isn’t your priority but we are only there to serve as your puppets in times of election, I want to tell you we will continue to be the “puppet”.

We Colleges of education are very much disappointed with the media for lying on the fence and depriving the general public from hearing us as we keep shouting and pleading with the government to settle the impasse and bring back our tutors to the lecture halls. If colleges of education were to adopt the KNUST style, it would have been the centre of your preference and our problems would be peg on your news letters. We would have seen MPs, Ministers among others hypocritically trying to salvage the situation to settle the impasse. Anyway, remain unconcern as the “fourth arm” of government and when the semester is annulled you will take the issues up as you always do.

Abdul-Rahman Musah

Presbyterian College of Education



Ministry Of Education

Minister of Education



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