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Written By Musah, Abdul-Rahman. 


If loving you was a taboo, I would have broken it countless number of times and dig somewhere around your heart and permanently plant in my defunct heart which has remain dormant. We are told God created us from dust but your source of dust is different and can be likened to that of a talcum; very smooth in texture. You were sculptured by experienced artist in heaven if I am not exaggerating, who managed to wear you that round neck sedimentally drawn which complement your catchy smile containing that pair set of whitest teeth which makes me see flies even at dusk.

In my world of feminine attraction, I will agree with the Uber driver singer, Wendy Shay for your physique especially your behind has glued my eyes with mouth agape watching it like a news on TV. I have roamed places around the world and found none beautiful as you but today my hot-spot was able to lure you all the way from the northern Ghana, Brong Ahafo to the southern part somewhere in Accra just for me to preach my love for your hearing. If you were a course of study,  I would have studied you in turns till UCC appoint me as your head of department. Your sense of openness and the zeal to aim higher is as a result I will always cling to your side. Your beauty has rubbished that popular saying “the beautiful ones are not yet born” yet you are born in this era, an era of poverty which makes the world ugly. Beauty, without preaching much words take my “yam” pour your ten digit for tonight I will brain storm and recite it like a poem and warn MTN not to interrupt my call. Oh! I have even forgotten I don’t  have credit but don’t worry I can still borrow credit only for us to have a lengthy talk time and I swear your ears will thank you later for every borrowed talk time. 

Beauty, I don’t want to flatter but I only want to describe how your beauty has poisoned me and it won’t be surprise if i go to the clinic after here for medication. Come closer and let me smell that Paris perfume for my nose is almost detaching itself from it comfort zone. I am not here to recite your body as a poem with rhymes but I just want you to node with your head, Say Yes I do and I will assure you there won’t be any bruises on your heart for I will handle it like an egg. I want to officially summarise my sermon but before that I heard you are Efya? Then I guess your friends are “Praiz” and “Jasmine”…?

                   PERSONS FEATURED 

*Racheal Efya Pomaa (Actress) 

*Jasmine (Nurse)

*UrsTruly Praiz (Blogger/Publicist)

                     PHOTO CREDIT


*IG: McSnow_Lens


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