kapachino changed his stage name

The Tarkwa Underground Rapper Tony Prah popularly known as Kapachino which has been his name since he started his career as a musician.

This can be testified by his fans and also people who have been listening to his Trending tracks like Repeat dis Track mixed by Aboakesi, Mempe mixed by Aboakesi, Indomie Gurls, RNS Cover, Otan Hunu ft. Kyne Ben kwofie all Produce by Mr. Brain since he persistently mention his name in these tracks but due to some reasons has now change his  name to TONY PEE.

His reasons being that; any time he visits new studio to record a track he also come across rappers with the same name Kapachino which make him think about the fact that if these guys with the same name comes out with a hits before him what would be his name after he has also come out with a hits so it is very advisable for him to change it now to make him original when he also come out with a hits track.

I believe his new career name TONY PEE, Tony being his first name and ‘P’ originated from his surname Prah and his slogan ‘PUDI’  meaning “Planning Under Determined IQ” will be a good one for his fans.

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kapachino changed his stage name

Posted by : Tony Pee